Sunday, July 22, 2012

how i get 5000 backlinks for my blog

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Today i will tell you how i Build 5000 backlinks for my blog. i love blogging and write new posts on their blog.

How much backlinks are important for any blogger ?

If you are the owner of a new blog then you need some traffic to run your blog and earn some revenue from it , but to get real traffic your website/ blog must be listed on google search crawling . if your blog is crawled fast then its good for your website.

if your blog is not crawled fast its negative point for your blog. To get at top in GOOGLE Search Engine , Your blog must list on 1- 5 positions in google earch page and sure you will get more traffic , but for this , your blog must have a list of good backlinks you created.

Lets see how ?

           More Traffic  =  more backlinks of your blog

Your blog traffic is directly proportional to your blog backlinks. so now the turn is how to get 5000 backlinks.

How to Get 5000 Backlinks to Your Blog ?

here is a website your only you need to do is put your website link and then see how your blog backlinks will build automatically .

This is another link from where you will get 500 backlinks to your website .

Another site which is used to Submit your site to directories.

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1 comment:

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