Monday, March 11, 2013

Get 100 dofollow backlinks for free

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PageRank for a website keeps a lot of importance for every blogger or a every web professional. If your website ranks low in google that means your search traffic is very low  and it proportionally reduces your blog income.
To Make Your website or blog high pr you have to submit your website to do follow directories to create a Backlink.
Here I’m providing 101 list of do follow directories from where you can get High PR Quick Backlinks.

These websites are manly “who is”, “about us”, “website statistic”, etc. Some of them are no-follow and some of them are do-follow. You just have to go to the website and submit your website. Using this method you can quickly get your site indexed. Spiders crawl these stat sites constantly and your website will be indexed more frequently by Googlebot and many other search engine bots like Yahoo, Bing, Baidu, etc. yoursite

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