Tuesday, January 3, 2012

how to add 125x125 ad widgets to blogger sidebar

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Tutorial to add 125x125 ad widgets to blogger sidebar.To add 125×125 little square-shaped ads on your blogspot blog, all you have to do is to follow this simple steps :

1. Login to blogger > Design >Edit Html

2. Select Expand Widgets

3. Find the following Code :
4. Place this code above it :

.banners {
background:#F5F4F0 url(http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_Kwwy9VyLMKw/SxH8vQjGzUI/
AAAAAAAACGM/ZbNVwGS_UhI/s1600/sidebox-bg.jpg) left top repeat-x;
border:#DDD 1px solid;
margin:0 0 20px;
padding:15px 0 15px 18px;

.banners img {
5. Now find the following code :
<div id='sidebar-wrapper'>


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