Wednesday, January 4, 2012

download Premium Proxy Switcher | firefox addon

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Premium Proxy Switcher makes proxy usage user friendly.
It can download proxy list automatically/manually, setup, switch proxy automatically/manually, enable or disable proxy easy and fast, with single click.

Main features

1.Automatically loads proxy servers every 1-30 minutes from our VIP zone or from user specified URL.
2.Automatically changes proxy server every 1-30 minutes, that in turn increases your privacy level since your requests will be sent though different proxy servers.
3.Setup any proxy server from available proxy list with just a single click.
4.Manually switch proxy server to random one from the available proxy list with single click
5.Delete selected proxy server from the list if it is not working any more and switch to random proxy server from available proxy list.
6.Enable or Disable proxy server usage in Firefox with single click.
7.Manually load proxy servers from our VIP section or user defined URL.
Display proxy country in available proxy list menu, so user could easily select necessary one for that particular moment.
8.Add shortcuts to all commands for those users who prefer to do everything fast (with keyboard).
9.The possibility to manage proxy list manually with help of keyboard.

Download Here: (For FIREFOX users)


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