Sunday, March 3, 2013

How to : Get Thousands of FREE High PR Backlinks to your Website

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Free 1000 Backlinks
In order to rank a low Page Rank or new blog in search engines, and in order to get visitors from search engines, you need to build enough backlinks.

There are two types of backlinks, listed below.

Manual Backlinks:

Manual Backlinks are self created backlinks, that you may create on other blogs, forums and sites, the method is simple, you go on that website, which you find that has a high PR, and you drop a comment, a spam-less comment, and you include the link of your website as an anchor text. Now this is one of your backlink building methods. After created many backlinks with a same anchor text, mostly with the name of your blog, you get high ranked for that keyword or anchor text.
Automatic Backlinks

Now this is the method i am sharing in this article. Automatic backlinks are those backlinks that are created by different services and websites for you, and in return you pay them. These are kinda risky, but easy to create. The element of risk is that those services can create your backlink on a bad/Banned website, that could result in a little drop of your website. But if they give you few bad backlinks, and other most high and good backlinks, than its no problem.
How to Get Automatic Backlinks for FREE

But what if i tell you a service, that will provide you with free backlinks, thousands of them, and free of charge. I am talking about a service called 247Backlinks. Its a free as well as paid service. So follow these steps below.

    1) Go HERE and sign-up with your email address. (probably i don’t need to explain how to sign up because the person reading this type of article is always a webmaster :) )
    2) After sign-up, go to email inbox and verify your account.
    3) Than Go to the website, and click on “create a project“.
    4) After click that, a box will appear inside that window.
    5) In the Project Name field, type any name.
    6) In the URLs field, type any three URLs from your blog (Home, Page or post URLs).
    7) In the Keywords field, type many keywords, each per one line, those will be keywords that you wanna rank for.
    8) In the Number of Links, type number of backlinks you wanna create.
    9) In the Link Type field, select second option.
    10) Leave below options as default, schedule and date etc.
    11) Click on Save New Project.
    10) Quit that Box.
    You will see your project listed on that page below box. Click on promote.
    After few minutes, backlinks will be created and you will be informed via email, containing a text files of those backlinks.

Remember: It will take so much time for Google Webmasters and Alexa to count your Backlinks. But you will get proof emails each time this service creates backlinks for you.

I myself have 400 backlinks RIGHT NOW in my account, i have created thousands of backlinks earlier,  i got one thousands on sign-up, and rest of them by referring others, so whenever you will refer one friend, you will get one thousand MORE free links in account. Sounds interesting?

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  1. you have got thousands of backlinks and still your site is PR0, why? Backlinks did not work? Are they waste of time? Or the site is spamming your website links on other forums and websites? what do you think.