Friday, December 30, 2011

How to Hack a Gmail Account

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There are two ways of hacking any gmail a/c. They are:

Keylogging : It is a software that creates a server.exe file and send this server.exefilevia email to the victims email id . When the victim open the email to read it automatically getsinstalled on victims computer. it is in the way it is attached to the victims VLC player ,means when victim will run VLC player, the server.exe file automatically reuns and collects all information and at the end it mails all login detaills to the sender's mail id
without any alert notification.the Best Keylogger is Snipersky .

Phising : This is a technique in which a fake gmail login page is created which is identical to the real gmail login page.
- it is coded using the source code of gmail login page.
- it is tested by hackers , if it is tested then
- it is installed on hosting server via FTP .
- After this to hide the URL , the URL shortner tool is used and link is changed
- Now this Url link is send to the victim using Email , Facebbok , Twitter etc.

Now when user opens the link and they didn't look at the URL and fillups their login
details and thus their email and password are stored in database and gets hacked .

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